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Cardiovascular Health Promotion—A Must Read for PAs and NPs

Cardiovascular Health Promotion—A Must Read for PAs and NPs

PAs and NPs are encouraged to read a recent issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology on cardiovascular health and promotion. This issue focuses on research on a wide variety of topics, especially on cardiovascular patient health and promotion. Some of the topics discussed within this issue are:

  • Child health promotion in underserved communities: discussion of the FAMILIA trial that examines healthy strategies for preschool children and healthy lifestyles for those who come from socioeconomically deprived areas. The study shows a two-fold increased risk in lack of healthy behaviors in young children, especially in lower income regions.
  • There is an article that highlights the importance of having breakfast at the start of the day to promote better cardiovascular health. A study performed by Shuang Rong MD, PhD, showed an increased risk of death from stroke and heart disease in patients who did not make breakfast part of their normal routine.

Other issues discussed related to dietary patterns in patients with heart failure, and the benefits of daily exercise versus sitting time in older adults. These types of issues are key in introducing and educating patients—even children—about proper diet and cardiovascular health. PAs and NPs would greatly benefit their patients to include these types of topics in their primary care visits.

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