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It’s Time to Talk About Vaccinations

It’s Time to Talk About Vaccinations

As we make our way through the immunization phase of the COVID pandemic, I cannot help but think about the many Americans who have not received their vaccines for so many other diseases. According to the 2017 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, there are multiple areas where adults—especially those over the age of 50—fail to get the proper vaccinations.

As PAs and NPs, we have a real opportunity to emphasize to patients the importance of being up to date with vaccinations and health maintenance. Everyone understands the impact of COVID on our nation and many loved ones; it is time for us to remind adults that many other diseases are preventable with available vaccines.

Some of the vaccines lacking uptake in older adults include:

  • Influenza (67.8% of adults ≥65 years vaccinated)
  • Pneumococcal (69% of adults ≥65 years vaccinated)
  • Tetanus toxoid (Td or Tdap; 60.8% of adults ≥65 years vaccinated)
  • Herpes zoster (40.2% of adults ≥65 years vaccinated)

Do your part. Educate your patients about getting vaccinated!


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