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New Statement Related to Hospitalized Heart Failure Patients

New Statement Related to Hospitalized Heart Failure Patients

The American College of Cardiology has issued a new Expert Consensus Decision Pathway for the management of patients with heart failure. This newly released document was written to address some concerns about management of patients within the hospital and how they are navigated through the course of treatment. Some of the issues addressed are the initial emergency department visit and evaluation, along with the decision to admit to the facility. Also addressed are monitoring of the admission course, transition from intravenous to oral medications, discharge considerations, and evaluation after discharge. In short, this document attempts to address the lingering problems that practitioners face when it comes to properly managing these complex patients.

Specific topics discussed include monitoring of volume status; management of hemodynamic changes, renal function, and electrolyte levels; patient education; and goals of care. As practitioners who see these difficult patients, this new publication will improve our understanding of the nuances of managing them.

For more information related to this topic, as well as other topics related to heart failure, please refer to the ACC's website, found in the reference below.


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