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States' Involvement With Medicaid Expansion

States' Involvement With Medicaid Expansion

For a little over 50 years, Medicaid has provided healthcare as a stopgap to millions of people. With passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), few states utilized the expansion of Medicaid services as a means to increase the number of insured, especially to those who need it most. While 24 states and the District of Columbia all opted for the expansion during the ACA’s birth, it has taken a while for the legislative bodies to implement them within the states themselves. By 2016, many of the new state changes had approved the expansion but were still not in the implementation phase. Since then, other states have joined in on the expansion of these services, and this year there will be bills in state legislatures looking to do the same. Maine, Nebraska, Utah, and Idaho will all consider this increase in access. Taking Nebraska as an example, once expansion is implemented and working, the financial gains to the state would increase funding by as much as $31 million dollars. While there is considerable movement for more expansion, several states will likely have limited changes, if any at all, to their current Medicaid funding. In the end, the number of dollars will likely mean seeing an increase in new patients in your offices. PAs and NPs should keep themselves up-to-date on all legislative changes in coverage as this directly impacts their bottom line.

Click the following link for a breakdown of each state’s Medicaid expansion, work requirements, and any legislative work in this coming year:

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