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Measles and Immunity

Measles is a highly contagious viral illness, currently targeted for eradication given the favorable biologic characteristic that humans are the only reservoir. However, due to social and political factors, as well as high transmissibility, elimination has been achieved in very few areas of the world. It remains a significant cause of death worldwide, despite the availability of a safe and effective vaccine. The attack rate in a susceptible individual exposed to measles is 90%. Transmission is airborne as well as via person-to-person contact. Infected individuals are considered contagious from 4 days prior to rash onset until 4 days after rash eruption. Infectious droplets from respiratory secretions of a patient with measles can remain airborne for up to 2 hours. Therefore, the illness can be transmitted in public spaces, even in the absence of person-to-person contact. more >

Found in: Allergy/Immunology, Infectious Diseases

<a href='/the-exchange/universal-influenza-vaccine-begins-phase-i-clinical-trials'>Universal Influenza Vaccine Begins Phase I Clinical Trials </a>

Universal Influenza Vaccine Begins Phase I Clinical Trials

The National Institutes of Health have begun the first clinical trial of an innovative universal influenza vaccine candidate. A Phase I trial will examine the more >

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