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<a href='/the-exchange/november-is-diabetes-awareness-month'>November is Diabetes Awareness Month</a>

November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Along with the colder weather and the promise of holiday season, November brings us the opportunity to raise awareness about diabetes. Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are increasingly prevalent in today's society, giving us all the more reason to spend a full month focusing on strategies to improve diabetic patient care and management. more >

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<a href='/the-exchange/new-statement-related-to-hospitalized-heart-failure-patients'>New Statement Related to Hospitalized Heart Failure Patients</a>

New Statement Related to Hospitalized Heart Failure Patients

The American College of Cardiology has issued a new Expert Consensus Decision Pathway for the management of patients with heart failure. This newly released more >

<a href='/the-exchange/update-state-regulatory-environment-for-opioid-prescribing'>Update: State Regulatory Environment for Opioid Prescribing</a>

Update: State Regulatory Environment for Opioid Prescribing

As prescribers for patients with acute and chronic pain in primary care, NPs and PAs are very much aware of the national opioid epidemic, including ways in more >

<a href='/the-exchange/preceptors-and-tax-credits-interprofessional-policy-change'>Preceptors and Tax Credits—Interprofessional Policy Change</a>

Preceptors and Tax Credits—Interprofessional Policy Change

This blog is information only and not to be construed for legal tax advice—you must consult your tax professional regarding personal tax advice. If more >

<a href='/the-exchange/advanced-practice-providers-and-liability-risk'>Advanced Practice Providers and Liability Risk</a>

Advanced Practice Providers and Liability Risk

It is a misconception that advanced practice providers can’t get sued because any errors are a physician’s responsibility. PAs and NPs can and do make more >

<a href='/the-exchange/use-of-simulation-in-np-and-pa-programs'>Use of Simulation in NP and PA Programs</a>

Use of Simulation in NP and PA Programs

In the last several years, both NPs and PAs have sent out surveys on the use of simulation in their programs, and articles have been published with the more >

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