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Telehealth Policy Update—A National Resource for Advanced Practice Providers

Telehealth Policy Update—A National Resource for Advanced Practice Providers

Telehealth is a method of enhancing delivery of health services, including diagnosis and monitoring of acute and chronic conditions, counseling, therapy, and health education. Modalities include live video, store-and-forward services, remote patient monitoring, and electronic transmission of health information. The development and subsequent use of telecommunications technology has enhanced care delivery in a patient-centered manner…something all of our practices are working diligently to provide. The provision of telehealth delivery varies across the country from simple electronic communication between provider and patient, which most if not all of us are utilizing, to the use of highly advanced equipment allowing providers to conduct comprehensive diagnosis and management virtually and remotely.

While the availabiliaty of telehealth technology and methodology has exploded, state and national policy is far behind in many instances. The variance of regulatory policy from state to state is difficult to track, let alone individual payer policies. In fact, no two states define or regulate telehealth in the same way. As I was searching for resources to include in a health policy course I am developing, I came across the Center for Connected Health Policy: A National Telehealth Policy Resource Center (CCHP). According to their webpage, CCHP " serves as an independent national resource on telehealth policy issues." In addition to providing current legal and reimbursement policies by state, the website offers information on state and federal legislation and regulation tracking in real time. An important document available free of charge is the State Telehealth Laws and Reimbursement Policies Report, Spring 2019 which can be found at This report focuses on Medicaid reimbursement, private payer laws, and professional regulation.

Consider this website if you are looking to adopt or expand telehealth services within your practice, teach in a nurse practitioner or physician assistant program, or find the latest research in this field. I have found this to be an excellent resource.

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